I was messing about with Mrdoob’s Delaunay Painter that lets you upload an image and “triangulate” it. I tried it on some of my own works with mixed results. Seems to work best with images that have larger areas of colour and less detail. This is the cover of a hairstyle magazine that I picked up some time ago. I absolutely love the image of the cover as it is, but I quite like the triangulated look on the right.

request Qj triangualted

request Qj triangualted

Zero-player game by Adam Ferriss

Zero-player game

pints by Adam Ferriss


There are some really fascinating images produced by processing, admittedly the quality varies considerably and it would be better if artists could be a bit more selective about what they put up, but then maybe I’m missing the point. I thought these two images by Adam Ferriss were visually stimulating. Then the next image by Diana Lange is also interesting because it looks so sculptural. I chose this one above her other work because it is enhanced by its abstraction – I find broken broken or incomplete imagery more appealing as it appears more organic, less processed, more irregular – more visually stimulating.

Generative portrait by Diana Lang

Generative portrait by Diana Lang


France.A2005119.1345.250m_1_800I will be putting gif art, glitch art and digital generative art, or art produced via processing, up on this blog from time to time. It has become such a rich and fertile ground for producing images. Fantastic combinations of RGB colours, distortions, 3 dimensions, movement and transparency – not to mention sound and interaction. So, here are a few beautiful images that have been produced by Kim Asendorf.